Romantically hopeless
No I’m just hopeless
In and out of everyday
There is nothing I can say
The bottle she calls me
No hesitation in me
Burn my lungs in the fire
Just hoping for desire

We say all we need is time
But this is the killing time
Drenched myself in confusion
Wishing for some more fusion
I said all I need is time
But the lady’s taking my dime
Lost in exasperation
Tied to losing all aspiration

No words can fix you
And my brain is ovedue
I hope that kiss
Fulfilled your bliss
I hope it made you forget
All who I am and what I did
I hope you’ll be happy
That’s all I can ask baby
Because I’ll never be
This regret will become me

I’m searing up with doubt
Killing time is what it’s about
So much for flawless goodbyes
Just wishing for more than highs
Remember all your tears
Over all the countless years
I’m twenty three
And I just think of “blink”
Mark your words are in sync

Cause I’ll always be just that boy
From the west end of oranges
Surrounded by rich families
With both ends of my specs
Struggling to keep a head

All I am is just three chords
Looking like a beat up ford
Built for nothing more
Searching for what seems like ore
Because after all of this
I’ll struggle to make a fist
And all I wanted was more
More from my golden ore